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First Semester Concepts

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First Semester Concepts
Second Semester Concepts
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Quarter 1 Concepts

Language Arts
Reading Strategies (Making connections, visualizing, summarizing...) along with Vocabulary Strategies (Cognates, Context Clues, Apposition and Word Structure) will be explicitly taught in an effort to teach word analysis, vocabulary development and comprehension. 
Energy: The sun provides energy in the form of light and heat. Energy is needed to make things move.
Number Relationships, Equivalence and Place Value:

Numbers are represented in multiple ways and operations are related and are represented in multiple ways.
Geometry: a shape is defined by its attributes.

Written Composition

Use of thinking maps to write comprehensive personal narrative paragraphs.


Using computers to enhance academic achievement by using STAR reading programs for reading and math, writing through e-journals, and the use of interactive links.

The following text books will be used:

Language Arts: McGraw/Hill: SRA Open Court 2000 Series

Math: Hartcourt 2002 

Science: Foss: Grade 3 Science Resources 2007

Social Studies: Scott Foresman 2006