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Due to time constraints and the importance given to other curricular areas such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.. I am requiring all students to practice cursive writing via on-line learning. On line learning will be done through Students will have time to access this web site throughout the school day. Students who have access to the web at home can advance their proficiency in cursive writing by practicing at home.


1. Students will be given a folder to keep all their handwriting practice sheets.

2. Each student is required to print out at least one practice sheet daily.

3. Student should practice in the following order:

A. Animation of lowercase and capital letters (no practice sheet available)

B. Lowercase letters a through z

C. Capital letters A trough Z

D. Alphabet sheet 42

E. Alphabet sheet 48

F. Numbers Tracing Guide 1 through 9

G. Letter Combinations Worksheet #1

H. Word Combinations Worksheet #1

I. Colors

J. Days of the week

K. Continue down the list of practices...

Go to www.handwriting now.