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Second Semester Concepts

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First Semester Concepts
Second Semester Concepts
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Language Arts


Through the imagination unit students will learn the following reading strategies: Clarifying, asking questions, and predicting. Author's purpose, author's point of view, sequencing, and comparing and contrasting will cover the comprehension skills.


Physical Science: Matter and energy. Studnts will learn that energy comes from the Sun to Earth in the form of light; Matter has three forms: solid, liquid and gas.; and students will learn that there are more than 100 different types of atoms, which are represented on the periodic table of elements.


Students will learn that object's attributes can be measured in different units, that multiplication and division are inversely related to each other, and that a comparison of a part to a whole can be represented using frations.

Written Composition

Student will write fictional stories (narrative) consisting of five paragraphs which include: setting, character description, problem, solution and conclusion. In their papers students will include: adjectives, adverbs, quotes, conjunctions, onomatopoeia, Compare and contrast, correct capitalization, grammar and spelling.


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